Earth System Science is an interdisciplinary group set up to unite scientists working on the global evolution of the planet. The research is essentially focused on the physical environment of the Earth, its evolution through time, and the interactions between the biosphere and the geosphere.

The group carries out projects in a variety of themes such as global changes, climatology, hydrology, archeology, oceanography biogeochemistry, remote sensing and geophysics. The accent is on two scientific approaches: mathematical modeling and the use of isotopes and trace elements to document biogeochemical processes.

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19.04.2016 - Follow the blog of the Chicxulub crater drilling.

The International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) is drilling the Chixculub crater that is most likely responsible for K-Pg mass extinction 66 million years ago that led to the demise of the dinosaurs.

To access the blog of the expedition, click here.

08.03.2016 - Elise Richter Fund from the Austrian Science Foundation for Dr Lidia Pittarello.

Lidia will leave AMGC in the Fall to take a position at the University of Vienna to work on shocked plagioclase, supported by a prestigious fellowship.

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10.12.2015 - PhD public defence.

Nadia Van Roosbroek public PhD thesis presentation : The record of primitive IIE meteorites : Implications for the formation of silicate-bearing iron meteorites (Joint ULB-VUB thesis).

Jury members : Nadine Mattielli (ULB) Steven Goderis (VUB), Caroline Smith (Museum Nat. History London), Lutz Hecht (Museum fuer Naturkunde, Berlin), Advisors : Vinciane Debaille (ULB) and Ph. Claeys.

26.10.2015 - David De Vleeschouwer.

David De Vleeschouwer (PhD 2014) is the 2016 laureate of the Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Palaeontology Division Outstanding Young Scientist Awards given by the European Geosciences Union.

22.10.2015 - Fall 2015.

Fall 2015, research of ESSC members highlighted on the Science website Wtnschp (in Dutch).

Dr. David De Vleeschouwer (PhD 2014) participation to IODP drilling offshore Australia.

Matthias Sinnesael PhD student field work in Anticosti Island, Canada.

Dr. Koen Stein, Dinosaur excavation in the Russian Far East.

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